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Plastic Pegboard Hooks

WallPeg Flex-Lock Peg Hooks... Easy Mount Plastic Pegboard... and Peg board Kits & Accessories

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Plastic Pegboard  Hooks

WallPeg Plastic Pegboard Hooks are designed to eliminate loose, wobbly, ineffective peg hooks.

The patented Flex-Lock peg hooks cam lock to the pegboard keeping all your items safe and secure. 
Unlike metal peg hooks that easily fall out the pegboard each time you reach for a tool, our design locks into place with a simple push.
 Peg hooks are easy to remove and made with recycled high impact, durable polypropylene.
This means they will never rust, scratch your pegboard and tools, and will never come off until you move them.





The patented Flex-Lock design is available in several user friendly styles and  safely supports tools, craft items, and more.


This easy to install and move feature makes organizing your pegboard more enjoyable and  rewarding.



 Featured Products                                         

 #PPH 24323W                                     FREESHIPPING                                   #PPH 24044 BK                               FREESHIPPING
WallPeg 72" wide Pegboard Kit with 88 Flex-Lock                                            WallPeg 96" wide Peg-Trak with 24 Peg Hangers 
peg hooks and oval bins.                                                                                    Has (4) ea. 24" wide sections - total 96" wide
$64.95                                                                                                                $34.95 
#PPH 24243BK                                     FREESHIPPING                                      #PPH 24242 BK                 FREESHIPPING
WallPeg 72" wide Pegboard Kit with 88 Flex-Lock                                                WallPeg 48" wide Pegboard Kit with 50 Flex-Lock
peg hooks and round bins.                                                                                     peg hooks and 2 round bins.   
$54.95                                                                                                                    $39.95  

#PPH 243+044B                                     FREESHIPPING                                          #PPH 242+044B                                   FREESHIPPING
WallPeg 72" wide Pegboard Kit and 96" wide                                                             WallPeg 48" wide Pegboard Kit and 96" wide
Peg-Trak . Two Great Kits - ONE LOW PRICE                                                           Peg-Trak . Two Great Kits - ONE LOW PRICE   
$79.95                                                                                                                         $64.95 

#PPH 80 Mix                                                FREESHIPPING                                          #PPH 75 Mix                          FREESHIPPING
WallPeg 80 Mix Peg Hook Kit ....25 J , 25 L, 10 Jumbo, 10 Box, and                             WallPeg 75 Mix Peg Hook Kit ....25 J , 25 L, 25 Jumbo
10 Spring Flex-Lock Peg Hooks                                                                                      Flex-Lock Peg Hooks   
$19.95                                                                                                                             $18.95 
Color Choice
Color Choice

#PPH 302                                     FREESHIPPING                                         #PPH 304                                   FREESHIPPING
WallPeg 43 pc Pegboard Kit - 4 yellow bins and 39                                         WallPeg 43 pc Pegboard Kit - 4 red bins and 39
Flex-Lock Mixed Peg Hooks                                                                             Flex-Lock Mixed Peg Hooks   
$19.95                                                                                                               $19.95 

#PPH 10 R                                     FREESHIPPING                                         #PPH 10 Y                                   FREESHIPPING
WallPeg 10 ea. Red  bins fits all pegboard                                                       WallPeg 10 ea. Yellow  bins fits all pegboard
Bin size  4" wide x 3" deep x 2" tall                                                                   Bin size  4" wide x 3" deep x 2" tall
$15.95                                                                                                               $15.95 

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